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New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

My name is Jamaal Thomas and I am asking for your support for my candidacy for Board Trustee of Greenburgh Central School District. ​

I am a the proud father of a 23 year old first year Special Education Teacher in the Bronx, NY and an Education Consultant by trade. Because so many of my friends still live in this district I am affectionately known as Uncle Jamaal to many of their children. I love these kids like they're my own and I want to help create a school system that sets them up to be the amazing human beings I know they're capable of becoming!

I  am a son of this district and proud graduate from Woodlands High School. Everywhere I go I tell people I grew up in a special place and I want the children of our district today to be able to say the same thing by helping to provide them with the type of support that I received from this district and this community. 

Over the past 3 years I've had an opportunity to travel all over the country  visiting 250+ schools. During this time I've talked to thousands of students, well over a thousand educators and consultants as well as hundreds of parents and families about what they want the future of education to look and feel like. I believe we have an opportunity here in Greenburgh to be one of the most innovative school districts in the country and I'd like to help work toward that goal by bringing the things I've learned in my travels back home to Greenburgh! Our school district can thrive and help us to develop a community that is sought after. To make this happen we'll need to infuse our school leadership with new and fresh blood with new and fresh ideas about what a 21st century education can be. With your support I relish the opportunity to serve the Town of Greenburgh!

Warmest Regards, 



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